How many days do you think it will take to set up?
We can set the average 3 Bedroom house plus a garage in just a few days. The wild cards are, items that require research or appraisal and our calendar. Our business ebbs and flows but generally we are booked four to six weeks in advance. Circumstances can change with escrows and family circumstances so we try to be flexible to accommodate the client’s needs.

What is your commission?
We base the commission on our assessment of the total saleable value of property at the time of our first visit.  We take photos once our contract is signed and tour the property with the client, marking items not for sale (nfs) and making note of items that may require research or appraisal.  We also consider any extenuating or unusual circumstances associated with the sale and the amount of time we think it will take to set and execute the sale. 

Do you have insurance? What types?
We carry 2 Million Dollars in liability insurance and standard auto insurance.

How long after the sale will I be paid?
Seven to ten days.

Do you have an appraiser on staff?
Our core staff is experienced and knowledgeable in many categories.  We have an extensive network of trusted experts, appraisers, collectors and buyers that we call upon when appropriate.

How many people do you generally have staff a sale like mine?  Staffing density depends on the inventory in the sale.  The more value, the larger the property, the more personnel required.

How will my home be left? 
That is up to you.  We list options in our contract.

Do you pre-sell or allow people early entry?
Only in the circumstance where there may be a specialized collection or item that is best sold to a dealer or collector. We do not pre-sell items that have already been advertised to the public.

How many days will the sale run ?
The average sale will run three days; usually, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

What sets you apart from other estate sale companies?





We customize our services to meet those needs.

What if I have higher end items like antiques, collections, artwork, jewelry, and vehicles to liquidate?
We have many options and venues appropriate for the liquidation of higher end items.  We can guide you through the process or handle it for you.

I live in another state can we work together remotely?
Yes, this happens frequently.  We can stay in touch via the internet and telephone.

What do you do with unsold items?
First we will call in dealers or consignment shops, and local charities. For unusable items we will dispose of them. The client will receive all receipts for donations and expenses. 

There is so much stuff in this house; I think we should clean some of it out before the sale.
No.  Just go through to find the items you wish to keep.  Let us decide what is junk.

Unless the item is vile, or presents a health risk, leave it where it is.

I’m downsizing. Do I have to pack up everything in the house?
We offer packing help on an hourly basis.